Wi-Fi Technology

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The purpose of this research report on Wi-Fi technology, is as today Wi-Fi technology is playing a very important role of people’s daily life, but to the truth of what is Wi-Fi and what makes it so important to us. This report is going to focus on the brief introduction to what is Wi-Fi, the purpose of Wi-Fi, the elements behind the operation of Wi-Fi, and the discipline involved in the product, the historical background and the supply companies and the future development of Wi-Fi technology. This report evaluated Wi-Fi technology through these elements and came up with a conclusion that Wi-Fi is the replacement of cable internet, it mobilized all electronic devices from cable connection. The Wi-Fi technology is based on a standard called 802.11 model, which been maintained and optimized by IEEE. Wi-Fi itself is transferring data using electromagnetic wave, same as radio wave but with higher frequency band, and the main discipline behind is electronic engineering. The history of Wi-Fi is only started when the released of frequency band for unlicensed use in 1985. The main supply company of Wi-Fi...