Why Question

Why Question: Why does Noel Pearson discuss the “Native Title Act” in the eulogy for Gough Whitlam?
Implemented by Gough Whitlam, The Native Title Act is one of the most important legislatures in Australian and Aboriginal history. It was interesting to see this being discussed in the eulogy as Gough Whitlam’s had achieved several things in his colourful life which were just as important and significant for Australia and its society. Gough Whitlam is usually associated with other things, not just necessarily the Native Title Act, and Noel Pearson himself names some in the eulogy, such as the “ Medibank and Trade Practices Act, cutting tariff protections and no fault divorce in the Family Law Act, The Australia Council, The Federal Court, The Order Of Australia, Federal Legal Aid, The Racial Discrimination Act, needs based school funding, the recognition of China, the abolition of conscription, the law reform commission, student financial assistance, The heritage commission, non-discriminatory immigration rules , community health clinics, Aboriginal land rights, paid maternity leave for public servants, lowering the minimum voting age to 18 years and fair electoral boundaries and Senate representation from territories”
Noel’s whole eulogy is based upon the effects of Gough Whitlam on to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. This led me to the question as it led to wonder, why Noel only choses to praise Gough Whitlam on things that are close to his heart. It was too general just too ask why Noel discusses aboriginal matters only in the eulogy, therefore I chose to be more specific and choose the Native Title Act.   This question forces us to take a closer look at the history of Noel and Gough Whitlam. When we do this we find that Noel and Gough Whitlam actually worked together at one time. But rather than discussing the times spent time with the man, ad describing him to others in his eulogy, Noel choses to discuss Gough’s meetings with the elders at a past...