Why Men Love Sports

In the article I read for class “The sanctity of Sunday football: why Men love sports” it attempts to acknowledge why men of all ages engage in athletic activities and how it is a natural expression of their masculinity.   When young boys grow up they usually look up to sports figures and aspire to be them.   This is because of their popularity as well as their masculine features that attribute to their lives.   They usually get all the girls and also a hefty sum of money that every person would look forward to.   For many men sports provide them as young boys a reason to engage with others and make friends and play a big role in their social lives.  
The article points out many differences between boys and girls one being that boys athletics tend to be much more aggressive and in your face and also put a lot of emphasis on winning.   There were also some studies done that showed boys being tougher through the face of adversity and playing through injuries and pain.   There are however many women athletes who continue to push the envelope in sports and continue to reach closer to their goals.   It may be hard for them excel in contact sports such as football but they continue to close in on the gender gap in such sports like Track, and Softball.   Many female sports are downplayed by the media and news coverage unlike their male counterparts which can mean that people are not as interested in watching women playing sports than men.   This all goes back to the masculinity traits which feed into the concept that women sports are inferior to men’s.  
Although masculinity continues to dominate on how we look at sports, there is still much debate if the future will be brighter for women’s athletics.   In my opinion, I feel that there will be much more competition and groundbreaking athletic ability that has not yet been seen in women’s sports.   Hopefully this will attract more viewers and attract more people from both genders to enjoy the sports they love.