Sports Are Fun And Entertaining

I am a person that takes sports very seriously in my life. I enjoy playing sports as much as I like watching them on television.   I think we live in area that has a long history of sports and many traditions and customs that go along with it. By living in Lansing my entire life I have been able to experience and appreciate the history and legacy that our sports teams have offered for so many years. This is why I believe sports in society today can be entertaining to watch and also fun to play for both men and women.
I want to find out if people have the same thoughts and opinions that I do about sports. I want to see if men take sports more seriously than women do, or if there is a lot more women involved then we think. I want to find out what sports men and women like to play and watch and compare the results to each other.   I want to find out which sports are the most popular overall by men and women. I want to find out how men and women react when watching a sporting event on television, or in person. I want to see if they get really excited during the game, or if they just sit there and watch closely.
The three research methods I used to help me were: surveys, interviews and observations. I thought that these methods would be the most beneficial in finding out most of the answers to all of my questions. I made a survey of ten questions related to sports.   Before I handed out my surveys I predicted that men would probably be more involved in sports than women are. I think that men watch a lot more sports on television than women do, and take sports more seriously. I predict that football will be the most popular sport overall to watch for both men and woman. I think that football and baseball will be the most popular sports to play for males, whereas females will choose sports like softball and volleyball as their favorite to play. I also think that men get more excited and more involved when watching their favorite...