Why I Want to Become a Legal Professional


Professor Chiacchia


24 May 2011

Why I Want to Become a Legal Professional

The legal profession consists of many interesting and challenging careers including judges, lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, researchers, legal analysts, and others.   These positions offer opportunities for diversity, growth, financial stability, and personal satisfaction in various areas of the law.   I want to be a lawyer to represent non-profit agencies that cannot afford to hire an attorney; to advocate for true restoration and rehabilitation of offenders; and to set an example for my children and grandchildren.     By becoming a lawyer, I can make a difference in people‚Äôs lives and in this world.
Until recently, I worked for a wonderful non-profit agency that provided vocational assessments, skills training, job placement, and other services to developmentally disabled and disadvantaged individuals.   These individuals came to our agency with no hope of meaningful skills or the ability to find and maintain a job.   Many of them were severely handicapped, mentally incapacitated, welfare recipients, ex-offenders, and generally those individuals who had been cast aside by other agencies and society as a whole.   Our agency was founded long ago on the premise of moving these very people from dependence to independence through work and it did just that for so many years.
However, beginning in 2005, the agency experienced substantial cutbacks in funding and referrals and private donations decreased.   All of these events coupled with the economic instability in our State in particular sent the agency into a downward financial spiral which only worsened as time passed.   As a result, numerous vendors filed lawsuits against the agency which it could not afford to defend.   Creditors were beating down our doors, judgments mounted, and bank levies followed.   The vast majority of our clients and other individuals were forced to stay at home or be placed in...