Ap English

A Lesson Learned Through AP English

During my junior year at Berea High, my English 3 Honors class was asked if we wanted to take AP English, and I decided to take it.   My teacher warned me that this would be a tough class.   Having taught me before, she told me that if I procrastinated like I had done many times, I would get behind very quick. However, I knew I could handle it, and I was determined to take the class.
The class was very small with only eight people. All of us were girls except for two boys. We all knew each other and were fairly close, which made the class seem a lot more fun, and comfortable. The classroom was a normal size, and had illustrations of things drawn by other classes and posters along the walls. The posters were of movies that had been made from certain famous plays, such as; Macbeth, A Knight Tale and Much Ado About Nothing, to name a few. Mrs. Tisdale was our teacher. She was a slim, tall woman, who could be a little intimidating at first. She could be really fun and humorous, but also very serious. She loved anything about Shakespeare and constantly got off topic rambling about him and his works of literature.   Mrs. Tisdale had already been my teacher when I took English 3 Honors. I loved her teaching styles and learned better from her than anyone else. She explained everything to a depth that no other teachers did.
On the first day of class she handed out a syllabus, as usual, and began to go over it. “As you can see, for writing, we have an essay due each week, a revision due each week, and an in class essay each week.” She explained. Three essays a week! I thought. It was a little intimidating, but still, I knew I could easily handle it. Little did I know then, that “easily handling it” was not going to be true at all.
The second week, our first writing assignment was due. I do not recall the topic it was on, but I think it was a present tense narrative about an event that changed our life. I knew the essay I was turning...