Why I Love You

102 reasons why we should be together

1. We love each other, plain and simple
2. We would have adorable kids
3. We both have cute butts, even though yours is better
4. We are one of those brother and sister couples that everyone thinks is cute. (whether you like it or not)
5. We both have seen every Harry Potter movie (almost)
6. We both are good kissers (but only when we kiss each other)
7. You’re just the right height for me
8. I have a car and you need a car and you’ll probably never buy one
9. We can be ourselves when we are with each other
10. We love each other even though we have our faults
11. We both know we can work anything out together
12. We don’t feel like this unless we’re together
13. You talk on the phone all the time and…..I have a phone
14. No matter what’s bothering us, holding each other makes everything better
15. We always know when something is bothering the other
16. My shoulder makes the perfect tissue when you are crying
17. When we are together, nothing else matters
18. We both really can’t do without each other
19. You don’t like the fat, but I do.
20. We don’t let each other give up
21. You get cold feet and hands, and I’m always hot, so I’ll keep you warm
22. You have enough personality for the both of us, (since I don’t have one)
23. You always remember were I leave stuff
24. We can hold each other for hours and still not be satisfied
25. We can squeeze each other until it hurts and still not be close enough
26. You can make chicken parmesan and I can make popcorn
27. I can do laundry and you can fold clothes
28. I need you, and whether or not you know it yet, you need me too
29. Even without the love we have, we could still be best friends
30. Because no one thought we’d last this long
31. Because no one thinks we’ll last forever
32. Because when I’m “with” you it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before
33. Because the bath tub is lonely without you.
34. Because there’s room for one more in...