Why Did the Colonists Win the American War of Independence?

Why did the Colonists win the American War of Independence?

The Colonists wanted to be free of the British rules and wanted to live alone, as a nation, therefore the American War of Independence started. There are many reasons why the Colonists won such as military, economical and social. The colonists defeated the British because of their well used new tactics and with the support they have got.

The British had the strongest army in the world but the Colonists still defeated them because they used the better tactics. Even if the Colonists were not trained soldiers and didn't have a good equipment they were lucky to have as a military leader George Washington. He was experienced, because he already fought the British he knew their tactics and he also knew his soldiers. His tactics also helped as his plan was to fight until the British would surrender and he was able to team up with France. The Colonists also introduced a new way of fighting, the Guerilla tactics. An important fight that helped the Colonists win was the one at Bunker Hill, when the Colonists defeated the British with their tactics. With their new tactics and support from their leader the Colonists managed to win the war.

Even though the British were a power at that time, with economic support the colonists defeated them. An important reason why the colonists won the war was the support France gave them because together, they managed to defeat the British navy so supplies weren't able to get to the soldiers. France also sent money, weapons and even soldiers to fight together with the Colonists. They also trained the Colonists to become soldiers The colonists also had Prussia on their side. As the historian John Walden said, during the war Britain's national debt doubled and they decided the war didn't worth the money. Even when the British soldiers wanted to go home, Britain couldn't afford to send ships to take them back. With economic support from France and Britain going bankrupted the...