Why Can It Be Difficult to Decide Whether or Not a Person Is a Carer, and Does It Matter?

Why can it be difficult to decide whether or not a person is a carer, and does it matter?

It is important to say who is a carer so that person can receive extra help and support to continue giving the person they are looking after the care that they need. In the case of a family member of mine Mrs C the information I have gained from unit 1 was very relevant to her situation at the time.
Mrs C was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease when she was 72, in her late 70’s Mrs C suffered a very severe stroke which meant she had to move in with her son as he was the only adult relative that could look after her due to a family breakdown in recent years with her daughter. Mrs C’s daughter refused to help her brother when he had initially asked her for some moral support. Mrs C’s son could also not call upon the help of his ex-wife either as they had ended their relationship on bad terms. The only person that could provide a minor amount of support was Mrs C’s granddaughter.
Mrs C had no movement on her left side which made it extremely difficult to speak and move around on her own. Another contributing factor was her Alzheimer’s disease which often made her confused and upset which meant that her son could not leave her on her own for long periods of time.
Mrs C’s son had to get her up on a morning, wash and dress her; feed her, take her to the toilet and put her to bed at night. As well as this her son also had to take care of the house, do the laundry and give her medication. Mrs C’s son also had to find a way of communicating with her when he could see that she was getting more and more frustrated. Mrs C’s son would also take her out 3 afternoons a week so that she could get a change of scenery and he could meet up with his friends at the same time.
Mrs C’s granddaughter would come around once a week so that she could go and do the weekly shopping to ease the pressure of her father.
Mrs C’s son did not see himself as a carer as all he was doing was providing...