Why Can It Be Difficult to Decide Whether or Not a Person Is a Carer and Does It Matter? Base Your Answer on the Case of Someone You Know.

Name: Asha Renah
23 February 2011

Part A: Essay
Title: Why can it be difficult to decide whether or not a person is a carer, and does it matter?
Base your answer on the case of someone you know.

In this short piece of writing I will talk about the reason why it’s a great significance to be able to say who is and who isn’t a carer. The value of being recognised for the work being done helps lift the feeling of isolation and helplessness.Once recognised as a carer, support and help may be provided from proffessional agencies who can offer them with support and to identify their skills in the caring sector.
Jessica 27 looks after her half sister Elain 51 who suffers with stroke and vascular demential.On the 9th of Feb I paid a visit to Jessica in Cornwall and I took this time to sit with Marie and find out how she feels about the term `Carer’

There are four complicating factors concerning the name `Carer’ and they are interdependence, duration, labelling and networks. (Unit 1 pg 19-20)

I want to explore each factor in relation to Jessica’s responses:
Jessica has to remind her Sister which tablets to take and how many.
She will stand by Elain while she does things and help her   in her unusual mood changes e.g. depression, irritability and Jessica helps Elain to undress for bed because she is unable to do these things herself.And in return Elain is caring for jessica since she gave up her fulltime Job as a chiropodist to look after her older sister. Elain pays all the bills and contributes much on the house-hold shopping although she needs to be reminded because she have problems with language such as difficulty in finding the right words for things,getting lost in familiar surroundings and her ability to function in daily life is reduced. Elain is also there for Jessica

In time of need, and she is very supportive.Elain and Jessica are carers to each other, so you could categorise both of them as carers.
Duration and Frequency:...