Who's to Blame?

Who’s to Blame?

    The fact that Romeo and Juliet died is a tragedy. It is not a love story. But, a good question remains in the air. Who is to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death. Facts have shown that Romeo AND Juliet are to blame for their own deaths. You may say that they were in love and teens do reckless things when they are in love. That may be true but there are arguments against that.

    You say that they were in love and teens do reckless things when they are in love. But just because they are in love, doesn’t give them any right to do reckless things which endanger themselves. When Romeo snuck into the Capulet’s orchard, that was wrong and reckless and was not supposed to do that. It was against his father's orders and Capulet’s orders. Juliet was at wrong in this because she went out and greeted him and allowed him to stay.

    They disobeyed their parents when they saw each other and left home. Romeo completely disobeyed his father when he continually left home to see Juliet and when he married her. Juliet disobeyed her father when she continued to see Romeo and when she married him. Also, she was supposed to marry Paris. If they would have just listened to their parents and just stayed away from each other like they were supposed to.

    They really shouldn’t have disobeyed their parents which caused them to do reckless things which also resulted in their death. The fact that they died is their own fault. In fact, in some ways they deserved to die. They were angry, disobedient, and love struck so that they wouldn’t listen to their elders, which was very bad on their part.

    A counter claim would be that they were reckless because they were in love. That teens that are in love do reckless things. That may be true but they still shouldn’t be disobeying their parents like they do and it is their own fault that they died. Love doesn’t give them the right to do reckless things or disobey what their elders tell them what to do and...