Holy War

Jihad versus Terrorism
In the perspective of Kashmir issue

DR. Muhammad Farooq Khan

Jihad versus Terrorism
Jihad versus Terrorism

Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan


      Today Jihad is generally considered to be the only solution to the problems facing the Muslim world. Most religious scholars urge the new generation to prepare themselves for an armed struggle against the forces of evil. Because of the prevailing standpoint, the armed struggle going in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Palestine and some other regions of the world is also given the name of Jihad and regarded to be the foremost obligation upon Muslins today. On the other hand, other nations and polities of the world regard all this activity as terrorism. These circumstances have given rise to many questions in the mind of a common Muslim. Some of them are:

    • What is the true concept of Jihad in Islam?
    • Is Jihad obligatory upon every Muslim in his individual capacity?
    • Can various groups conduct Jihad in their independent capacity?
    • Is the armed struggle going on in Kashmir, Afghanistan, and some other regions of the world in accordance with the Qur’anic injunctions of Jihad?

  The author, Dr. Farooq Khan has discussed all these questions in a very simple and lucid manner. Dr. Farooq takes pride in presenting his mind on solid arguments and is always willing to accept any criticism on his views on the same grounds.

  We hope that the book will do away with the various misconceptions that prevail today about the doctrine of Jihad.

  Jihad versus Terrorism
  In the perspective of Kashmir issue Summary

  ‘Jihad’ means to make an utmost effort to achieve some objective. Most this word, in the Quran has been used in sense of struggle and strife while the term ‘Qital’ has been used for war. However, both ‘Jihad’ and ‘Qital’ are being used, these days as synonymous terms. Hence, ‘Jihad’ is used in the sense of armed battle in this article as well....