Who Let the Dogs Out


In presenting this assignment I would like to take this opportunity to explain that I had tried my level best in putting all the questions as per their requirements within the row of their accessibility. The subject has been explained in a variety of roles with the case studies.
As this assignment had been very diverse in its nature and strata so different companies and their frame work has been managed to put with the core strategic studies.
The topics as discussed in the assignment are as such marketing strategies and planning. SBU lifecycle and strategy. Business unit strategic planning. External Environment Analysis, Swot Analysis. Porters Generic Strategies. Marketing Alliances. Marketing Process. Marketing Analysis. Mckinsey 7-S. Existing companies marketing plan.
I would appreciate if my teachers would judge my work as per the requirements given to me. I would like to further state that my work has been solely taken from the different relevant books and illustrations. I had also been able to grasp some information using the internet but the idea has only been taken and nothing has been copied.
In the end I submit my work with all honesty and hope my work is judged analytically with deserved remarks and grades from my teacher.
Thank You.
Task 1: Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans.

Developing Marketing Strategies & Plans, Company and Marketing Strategy:
Partnering to Build Customer Relationships
The Nature of Strategic Planning

Implementation and Control Process Planning
Measuring results diagnosing results Taking corrective action
Implementation corporate planning Division planning
Business planning
Product planning
Organizing Implementing Control
Strategic planning covers the entire activities of the organization, including all of the strategic business units (SBUs) and each functional area.
Developing functional strategies and plans is the fourth step in the strategic planning process. One...