Dog in the Night Time

Summary: Chapter 229

That night, Christopher dreams a virus has killed nearly everyone on Earth. A person
can catch the virus just by looking at someone that has it, even if the infected person
is on television. The virus spreads very quickly until the only people left on Earth are
people like Christopher who do not look at other people’s faces. In the dream, he can go
anywhere he likes without fear of someone touching him or asking him questions. He can drive,
and if he bumps into things it doesn’t matter. At the end of the dream he goes home to
Father’s house in Swindon, only Father is gone. He makes himself Gobi Aloo Sag with red
food coloring, watches a video about the solar system, plays computer games, and goes to
bed. When he awakes from the dream he feels happy.
Analysis: Chapters 211-229

Christopher’s successful arrival in London marks perhaps his greatest accomplishment in
the novel and a significant step in his journey toward independence. Since Christopher
had never traveled alone before this trip, taking the train by himself all the way to
London presented a daunting task. In several ways, the trip epitomizes everything Christopher
finds uncomfortable about the world. He had to navigate through large crowds where he was
touched frequently, he had to navigate an unfamiliar environment, and he had to process
large amounts of new information, which actually overwhelmed him to the point that he shut
down at times. By meeting these challenges, Christopher proves to himself that he can overcome
any obstacle on his own. In other words, he doesn’t need his father to take care of him and
can live independently.

Christopher’s journey to London takes on the qualities of an adventure story. While the experience
of walking through a subway station and getting on the right train would be ordinary for many people
, for Christopher these tasks present a significant challenge, mainly due to his condition
and his...