Understanding the Patient Intake Process


Understanding the Patient Intake Process
Penny Levalley
HCR 220
July 11, 2010
Mrs. Summer C. Tierno


    The patient intake process is the information collected at time from when you first call to set up and appointment to when you check in to when you check out. This information that is collected is personal but necessary for the physician, billing and coding, to refer a patient to a requested physician or for testing. This information is to help you as a patient to make sure that you insurance is covered by the physicians requested to testing. Things have to be pre approved before you can either visit or to do the testing depending on the type of insurance that the patient has. This is to protect the patient from being over charged or having to be charged for something that is not covered on your insurance or is covered but not at a certain facility because they are not in the program that you’re insurance covers.
    The intake is the procedure by which data is gathered to determine eligibility for services. The data includes: social security number, name, address, telephone number, and any allergies or other medical problems that are needed to know upon your visit, you will also need your insurance card and a co pay if needed upon the visit. You will also have to fill out paper work and sign a HIPPA form. This form is to protect you from anyone giving out any information on you out without your permission. When you have been referred to a particular physician or hospital for testing you will still need to do the process all over again unless the one person that referred you would have faxed all the information to them and it will be there for you and already preapproved.
    When a patient visits a doctor, either in an office or emergency room, there is a need to obtain
information from the patient. Some of the information is historical and relates to the patient's