Where Is the Most Advanced Mill Machine?

As the social economy as well as the technology develops, our life also improves fast, so does the current instrument of labors. The work method changes from the traditional manpower to the modern mechanized way. Nowadays we can easily see countless mill work in the heavy machinery industry. It is very significant to design the most advanced mill in the world.

It’s reported that our company has been selected to design and supply a 12.8m x 7.6m gearless SAG mill, plus two 7.9m x 12.8m ball mills for the copper-gold project in Peru. The 12.8m x 7.6m diameter SAG mill will be the world's largest mining mill and the first of its kind.

The project in Peru is at its feasibility stage, and with the engineering and release for fabrication of these mills, the Peru mining companies seek to maintain the option of proceeding with the project with an accelerated schedule. Full funds approval is expected from the board of directors in the first half of 2014.

The working site is situated near the Newmont gold mine, where we installed what was then the world’s largest single-stage SAG mill driven by a gearless motor, in 2013. That mill design was also the first of its kind and was customized for Newmont. It was in commercial production within one month of its start-up-another first for a Peru project.

The foreign countries have consistently seen excellent operating performance from our mill across a wide range of ore types. Plant availability has also been outstanding, with reliable operation a constant throughout the first two years of operation. After just the first week of operation our incremental recovery rate was 80% - 90%. Processing higher grade ores from various pits has consequently provided greater flexibility and revenue generation.

Our company is a frequent supplier of mills for Peru and has a long and fruitful relationship with the company. We believe that the foreign project will benefit from the increased size and capacity of our new SAG mill as it...