The problem and its setting:

Digitalization is an important requirement in our   modern world, where we change an old paper based system into a computer based one. It has been proven that paper based system is quite un-reliable when it comes to calamities such as flood and fire, costly because of continuous purchase of supplies and storage, and not time efficient because everything has to be done by hand and there is a lot of room for errors. We plan to create a system not just to computerize the old paper based one but also add special functions that will make the usual job of the employees of our target company easier. Our planned design for our system is an registration, security, and membership system for an AIRSOFT company. It will decrease the idle or waiting time of players thus increasing their play time and ensure their security and safety by making sure that every customer, employee, and guns are accounted for. We do believe that this system is un-common, for playing paint ball or airsoft is quite a costly hobby and not all can afford it. The purpose of this system is to make our chosen company be in-line to the modern world. This is to make other people understand what we IT people do and how we can help in our community.

Statement of the problem:

In order modernize the system of KM18 Airsofter, we planned to create a registration, security and membership system using an I.D card and a barcode reader.

This research is aimed to answer the following questions:

1 .How will the proposed system be created and applied are based on:
  * Analysis of the old system
  * Planning for new system and its design
  * Development
  * Testing
  * Implementation

2. How will this proposed system be addressed are based on the following:
  * Security
  * User-Friendliness
  * reliability
  * maintainability

3. What will be the advantages and positive effects of this system to the company, it's employees, and company?...