Technically and obviously Peter has broken the rules as he takes over George responsibility to write the work schedules. And he used the schedules to recognize the mistake that his colleagues have made and punish them.
Peter’s action of punishment can lead to a lot of disadvantages. He may not realize that his punishment will lead to more punishment. Like an example, after Peter do a punishment to one or two of his colleagues because of their poor performance or maybe other mistakes in the department. The colleagues maybe feel afraid and this will please Peter and through this pleasant feeling, it will encourage Peter to do more punishment to his colleagues even for small mistakes that accidentally done by his fellow colleagues.
Without Peter knows, that his action will lead to his colleagues fear. His colleagues may encounter with psychological tension and anxiety. This condition will interfere with their desire to behave in a proper manner in the workplace.” After being punished, a worker actually may want to behave properly, but this desire could be short-circuited by the worker's anxieties” (Millbourn Jr 1999). In a conclusion, the punishment has not helped in shaping the employee behavior yet leads to more behavior problems in the workplace. Some of his colleagues whom aren't feeling satisfy to him, will rebel. As an example, they will not perform well and do worse than they were before as an act of rebellion. Automatically, this will lead to low performance of the company as well.
Other than that, his colleagues may be determined to sabotage him inside or outside of the office. Peter may not realize that his colleagues has held a grudge on him and planning to sabotage him as a way to eliminate him from the department as they getting tired with all of the unreasonable punishment from Peter. Thus his career in danger for his way of how he treats his colleagues. His family or his life also may be in a great danger if they intend to blackmail him. His family...