What Will Affect the Grinding Ability of Cement Mill?

The impact force, number and ability of depositing material of ball mill are determined by the diameter of ball mill. The bigger the average diameter is, the stronger the impact force is, the larger the gap is, the faster the flow rate is with the same loading, but the impacting number will decrease, and the ability of depositing material becomes weaker. And the way to grind the material with hard compression is to increase the impacting number and prolong the time of grinding them in the cabinet. So we should choose the suitable ways in the practice.

The grindability of the material decreases with increasing temperature. In a region of high fineness in the mill, the fine particles of cement will rub against each other to generate electrostatic adsorption phenomenon, in addition to the mutual cohesion, further adsorption on grinding body of cement ball mill, forming a so-called buffer layer ,which significantly reduces the effect of the grinding ability of cement mill; and the higher the temperature is , the more serious the grinding side effects such cohesion is. In addition, the high temperature of the cement ball mill grinding can cause slow cement cohesion - Gypsum completely dehydrated, the false-setting cement or quick-setting, affecting the quality of the cement.

Energy-saving ball mill is suitable for all kinds of ores and other materials, which is widely used in mineral dressing, building materials, chemical industry, etc. Energy-saving ball mill in the process of using often appears the phenomenon of sticky grinding. When it appears this situation, you need to stop working immediately. Analysis whether the change of ore properties, feed, water, sand return amount and the overflow particle size are normal.Be reasonable to add the grinding media. If grinding machine within the medium loading quantity is insufficient, you should be appropriately complemented to increase the size of the grinding media.

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