What Do Leaders Pay Attention to, Why, and How

MSc Management and Finance
Semester 2 /2013
MMM7520 Contemporary Leadership

 Show me what you pay attention to and I will show you who you are" (Luis Ortega). What do leaders pay attention to, why, and how

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As the world becomes more and more complex the need of strong leaders in any aspect of lives emerges. No matter what kind of leader is a person, he should follow and look into a lot of details if he want to be successful in what he is doing. In the modern world we can define at least 2 types of leaders: political and company`s leaders
  The current essay elaborates on the dictum “show me what you are paying attention to and I will show you who you are”. The essay attempts to analyze leaders’ focal points the reasons urging them to adopt a specific business strategy and the means to achieve their ends. The essay is divided into four main parts. The first section deals with leaders’ focus of attention in traditional leadership approaches, which are used both from political and companies’ leaders .It is argued that the traditional focus and tools of managing people are inefficient in 21st century. The next part analyzes leaders’ rationality as a driving force behind their strategic decisions and actions, focusing in new aspects in order to achieve higher results using the help of the modern researches in this area. The third section provided an insight into the means used by leaders in support of their company’s objectives. The last part of the essay provides some concluding remarks.
  In an ever changing international environment the need for capable leaders is of primary importance. The new challenges facing businesses nowadays, bring to the forefront the need for people capable of dealing with organizational problem solving (managers) but also capable of coming up with innovative ideas that will help overcome these problems (leaders).
  The notion of...