What Are the Values in Life?

What are the Values in Life?
Grand Canyon University

            From time memorial, people have been thinking and debating what are the values in life. Many questions and answers have come from men and women in finding a solution to the purpose of life, the reason why we are here and what good can we be to each other. Indeed, philosophers and psychologist are searching deeply on these issues, and they always come out with different theories and principles that are meant to guide the people. Decision making, rules and ethical living play a vital role in human life, and these three things give much value unto it.
          Ideally, the most important virtues of human life are to live happily and enjoy life to the fullest. Human knew that without morally and ethically fitness it will be hard to please someone.   When we act morally, we do not always make that intention to sweet ourselves but for the general interest of the people. “A moral theory is an attempt to make explicit, explain, and, if possible, justify morality” (Paola et al., 2010 p.67).
          Happiness is the birth right of every one of us living in this universe, and we must strive to get as much as possible by rejecting pains and hardship. The good that each and every one of us contributes will last forever and it will produce universal happiness. We cannot be the same financially, some of us will struggle to make ends meet, but the goodness in others will bridge the gap. It is not only a matter of been ethically fit but also the ability to understand the worth of morality to oneself and to others.
          There are many virtuous qualities that make a man or woman an honorable person, and this is based on individual character. I believe ethical virtues are more important because it is based on habitual character which is acquired from training.   As a human being, we are oblique to certain forces that change our inward values. However, decisiveness and endurance will...