What Are Labor Unions and Why Do We Need Them?

What are Labor Unions and why do we need them?
A labor union or trade union is a commercial entity consisted of employees or workers having a common interest, such as all the assembly workers for one employer, or all the trades’ workers in a particular industry. The union is formed for the purpose of collectively negotiating with an employer (or employers) over wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment.
The concept of labor unions began early in the industrial revolution. More and more people left farming as an occupation and began to work for employers, often in appalling conditions and for very low wages. The labor movement arose as an outgrowth of the disparity between the power of employers and the powerlessness of individual employees.
Labor unions were illegal for many years in most countries. There were severe penalties for attempting to organize labor unions. Despite this, labor unions were formed and began to acquire political power.
The arrival of a new century gives us an incentive to reflect on the past of Labor Unions and imagine their future. When I reflect on American Labor Unions, this is what I conclude: we clearly need Labor Unions for a new century.  
Today, we need a unions based on effective mobilization and real communication. We have to intensify our communication, from membership to leadership and leadership to membership.   Americans have needed Labor Unions for the following reasons:
to help non-union workers organize and gain a voice on the job
• to make elected officials accountable and aware of what we want our government--at all levels--to do in the common interest
• to elect people to office who are truly committed to improving our communities and bettering the lives of working people
• to support other workers when they need Union help.
• a job at a decent family-supporting wage for all who can work
• adequate support for those who cannot work or who are retired
• access to education for all throughout...