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Supplemental Recruiting Services

Henry L Cooke

Columbia Southern University

Stephen Mitchell wrote an article titled “Supplemental recruiting services“in June 2009.   This article describes how an external recruiting firm can augment a Human Resources (HR) department. Mitchell explains this in the context of the medical field with nursing as the field of study.   Mitchell provides multiple examples on how augmenting a HR department in a hospital could provide favorable results and be advantageous in his opinion.
“To offset reductions in HR staff, brining supplemental recruiting resources on board during an aggressive hiring initiative to fill the recruiting pipeline and augment existing HR resources is both cost effective and prudent”(Mitchell, 2009). This statement helps drive the purpose of the article to exercise the innovative thinking of augmenting HR departments with recruiters.   With the documented cut backs in HR departments in resources and manning the desire to recruit quality nurses exists. Finding innovative ways to recruit quality nurses to provide quality care at lower cost is critical to maintaining a motivating stressed forced a hospital desires to retain (Mitchell, 2009). This is critical as HR departments are tasked to always search for the best and the brightest to fill the void of the critical nurse shortages.
Mitchell used three sourced references for this article.   The three references are related to department staffing, corporate recruiting and a HR magazine.   There was research from a hospital in Michigan where they used a supplemental recruiting service to help staff the first 100 of 200 new beds in the hospital. Within 60 days more than 1000 candidates were sourced and screened.   The time it took to was significantly reduced with candidate contact at an optimal time. At the end of the contract over 325 RNs were hired. Mitchell also received an educational grant from the Bernard...