Wet Meal from Oil Extraction Machine

Wet meal after the dissolution in the OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE, but also need to adjust its temperature and moisture, and sometimes it is necessary to the screening and breaking after oil extraction machine.
With the development of the oil extraction machine industry and the aquaculture industry, the demand for feed meal increases, different uses for the meal more and more varieties, the meal also paid attention to postprocessing.
Some types of wet meal from oil extraction machine had no effect on the drying and cooling of the off - meal.
The method of small oil extraction machine desolution meal usually adopts natural drying and cooling the meal in the conveying process of soybean meal in the natural drying and cooling. In the oil extraction machine process, the material is constantly turning, high temperature water adsorbed on the surface of grain meal by meal to meal soon gasification, water is reduced, at the same time due to vaporization and heat, reducing the temperature of the meal. The temperature and water content of the finished meal can be reduced to a standard as long as the length of the oil extraction machine is suitable. Secondly, in the finished product storage, due to the smaller storage capacity, the use of appropriate ventilation and other measures, but also make the temperature and moisture content of the meal has a certain degree of reduction.
And for the production of large, and the oil extraction machine is not equipped with a drying and cooling functions, need to be equipped with a special meal drying and cooling equipment. In the production, the drying and cooling of the meal can be carried out by a fluidized bed drying machine and a oil extraction machine. The vibrating fluidized bed dryer has the advantages of large capacity, high heat utilization rate and good energy saving effect. When the soybean meal water content is higher, the equipment can be in the first half part through the hot air to dry, and then half part through the cold...