Wintone Solvent Extraction Plant on Sale Introduction

Solvent extraction is the process of extracting oil form solvent. Solvent Extraction machine is suitable for soyabean, sunflower, cotton seeds, rapeseeds, peanuts, canola, rice bran, palm kernel etc.Established in 1995, we are a leading Solvent Extraction Plant manufacturer and exporter.
Solvent Extraction Plant ( consists of the following operations:
1) Preparation of seeds for extraction
2) Desolventising
3) Distillation
Wintone Solvent Extraction Plants are continuous and fully automatic intended for medium and large scale processing. A modern desolventizer   Toaster has always been standard equipments in the   plant for better de- solventization and biological value of metal is achieved by the Desolventizer toaster apart from incorporation more stable moisture
Salient Features for Wintone Solvent Extraction Plant:
1.   Extraction :  
§   Circulation system is developed to have better solvent meal contact to have   optimum recovery   of oil.
§   Better draining time is provided to reduce solvent contains in the extracted meal which will reduce the load on the D.T.
§   Special rinsing and back washing system to keep the band conveyor clean which will provide better percolation and avoid flooding i.e. better extraction.
§   Special fines separation system is provided to reduce fines in the final miscella which ultimately help to reduce load on the distillation system and will give solvent free oil with minimum fines and sludge.
This also help to avoid scale formation in the distillation system and help to minimize over heating of the oil and reduce utility consumption.
§   Specially designed condensation and recovery system help in maximum heat utilization and reduce load on condensation, which ultimately reduce solvent loss.
§   New vent vapour recovery system help in better recovery of solvent from vent vapours.
§   Provision of special cooling system to help to produce final oil at...