Wellness Is Not the Samee as Health

STUDENT NAME: Julie Simpson



ASSIGNMENT: Reflective Essay

TOPIC:                                 Part B: Reflection of health behaviour change and                   wellness profile.

WORD LIMIT: 1500-2000

LECTURER: Cathy O’Mullan

DUE DATE: 12 May 2014
Wellness and health are not the same, wellness refers to the multi-dimensional interrelationship between the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, and environmental aspects of life, and is not just the absence of illness (Roscoe 2009). Parker (2012) points out that health is not just absence of disease and physical fitness of an individual but the complete ‘wellness’ of a person.   Whilst developing my SMART goal I concentrated on the physical health factor of wellness as this is related openly to attaining emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual health. During the course of this reflective essay I will reflect on the journey of attaining my SMART goal. This reflection will include the rational for my selecting particular SMART goals, as well as my personal experiences during my SMART goal journey.
Subsequently, this essay communicates my own attitude toward health and wellness. To conclude, this essay will explain what SMART goals are and why they are important to create while attempting to change individual behaviours. This includes reflecting on the difficulties that myself and others may experience while attempting to change certain behaviors. These trials include time management challenges, self-worth issues, and a lack of impetus toward attaining my SMART goals.
When I wrote Part A to this assignment I had recently been discharged from hospital with a broken leg, initially I was feeling very positive about my rehabilitation process and felt that my SMART goal was attainable by the term end. As time went by I realised that the schedule I had created was unrealistic and extremely difficult to adhere...