Week 5 Dqs 1-3

Discussion Question 1: How does the local, state, or national economy affect your business or place of work? Are there businesses that are relatively recession or depression-proof? Why or why not?
I think that while the local, state, and national economy had a great deal of effect on the business I owned and had to close in 2008, it was a combination of both local and national economy that affect my business the most. I ran an herb shop and prior to the recession I was doing pretty good but that all ended because my customer’s no longer had the means to come into my shop to make purchases because the price I had to pay for a lot of my inventory skyrocketed. Additionally, the prices for keeping the lights on and rent on the building went spiraling out of control.

Discussion Question 2: Generally speaking, how is your business currently affected by the law? What role should government have in regulating business? Discuss some advantages and disadvantages of government-regulated business.
At first look at this question, I began to think how is our magazine regulated by the government??? We are a non-profit organization after all, but then it hit me… We are regulated through the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC). Everything we put into print has to be edited not only for the typical grammatical mistakes but for censorship as well. Everything has to be written in an ethical manner. There can be no form of xenophobia whether it is sexual or gender based, or just out right hate content. The dis-advantage of being government-regulated in some instances is censorship. Sometimes something has to be said but it can be very hard when you have big brother is looking over your shoulder all the time.
Discussion Question 3: How does training and development improve employee motivation, increase productivity, and increase retention for the benefit of the business?
Training and development not only improve motivation but it also increases both productivity and...