The Way to Improve the Production Level of Impact Crusher

Thanks to the fierce international competition, the Chinese impact crusher manufacturers need to make changes about the development mode and make breakthrough about the products in order to meet the market demand, realize the upgrading and transformation of the machinery industry and follow the international developing pace.
Thanks to new engine and drive technology, they work very efficiently and are very reliable and environment-friendly. In addition to the technical requirements, the engineers at Hongxing Machinnery also considere other aspects such as user friendliness, ergonomics and environmental protection and they were extremely successful in the process of upgrading the production level of impact crusher.

The intelligent design also facilitates the work of service technicians, because the engine compartment, the impact crusher unit and the double-deck grizzly are easily accessible via convenient platforms with ladders for maintenance work. Even the concealed elements are easily accessible: The belt drive and the switch cabinets can be reached via cover openings, which are located separate from one another in the housing and thus protect the more sensitive components against vibrations and dust.
Compared with hammer crusher , impact crusher crushing ratio is greater and more fully utilize the high-speed impact energy of the entire rotor. However, due to the impact crusher hammer is easy to wear , it is also limited in the application of a hard material crushing , impact crusher is usually used to crush limestone , coal, calcium carbide , quartz, dolomite , sulfide iron ore, gypsum and chemical raw materials.
Hongxing Machinery has designed and made many advanced crushing machines modes,such as jaw crushers, hydraulic impact crushers, hydraulic cone crushers, single cylinder cone crushers, sand making equipment, mobile crusher and belt crushers etc. As the representative equipment of the crusher family, the impact crusher can meet all kinds of crushing...