Cognitive computing is artificial intelligence and learning algorithms that are combined that attempt to replicate the behavior of the human brain. Watson is a computer system that analyzes ordinary content and questions well and fast enough that is able to compete and even win against Jeopardy champion players. Watson was the first cognitive system ever televised in the game Jeopardy, where it was challenged against two of the greatest Jeopardy champions to answer ordinary questions in a distinction of languages, such as synonyms and homonyms, slang, puns, and others.
Watson defeating the best Jeopardy champion contestants represents a huge innovation in open-domain question-answering. Watson has accomplished the development of software architecture that integrates and builds on advanced decades of innovation.   It establishes a competence that was thought impossible. Thanks to Watson’s public performance doors to commercial applications have been opened and a future where business people appreciate the potential impact technology has put into knowledge.
The process for Watson to answer questions is very much alike to most question-answering systems. Cognitive systems will change how people interact with other computing systems to help people better understand and make difficult decisions. Watson has been involved in any area to help provide assistance to any domain of knowledge. At Memorial Sloan Kettering, Watson is now assisting doctors in helping diagnose patients by providing possible causes for a set of symptoms. Watson helps the doctor narrow down options in order for the doctor to choose the best treatment for the patient. Watson helps make the process more accurate and faster.
Finance is another area where Watson is working to introduce artificial intelligence into processes in their business. Watson provides personal advice and determines customer’s with the best financial options. It can help make analysts more productive and...