Helmholtz Watson

A Different Outlook

Explaining concepts through different perspectives can be a difficult task.   It is almost impossible to see a certain idea the exact same way as another person does.   Their perspective is different because of the way they were raised, or because of the environment they grew up in.   That is why Helmholtz Watson is the perfect character to try to explain with through his view.
The first day with Helmholtz by my side started off fairly regularly, until we got to school.   It seemed as though all of the girls were attracted to him because they all would give him double takes or an extended glance as he walked by.   Helmholtz then saw an attractive looking girl.   He went and asked her to “be promiscuous” with him.   She ran away, screaming.   Helmholtz looked very confused after the incident. He didn’t understand why the girl didn’t object. I explained to him that in our world one must get to know a girl before they can engage in sexual activities. He still had a confused look on his face, but nodded and said, “Okay.” The two of us then proceeded to class. The first class we went to was English. I told Helmholtz that regular humans learned by having the material taught to them, instead of preprogrammed into their brains. It was odd for him to sit in the class, because he had to resist the urge to answer all the questions.   He didn’t want to stand out, so he just sat there and paid attention to how the other humans reacted.   Helmholtz could see when humans understood a concept, and when they pretended that they did.   This was due to his superior intelligence.   At the conclusion of English class, the next class we attended was Statistics.   Watson didn’t hold back his abilities in this class, as he answered many questions that the teacher proposed.   Students looked at him in awe, as they could not believe that the new student knew more about statistics on his first day than they did in three weeks of study. His superior Alpha programming and sleep...