Water Resource

Water Resource Plan
Pilar Hobbs
Axia University of Phoenix
February 7, 2010
Amanda Bower
Water Resource Plan
The problem of water pollution has become bigger and more dangerous to our daily lives because itaffects our environment. Everyone should become aware of the danger of pollution that contaminatesour water supply. The contaminationaffects our drinking water and ultimately the production of our food. This means that it affects the food our family eats. It is important that the public learns the types and sources of pollutants. Everyone needs to learn the pollutants that threaten our water and environment.
Sewage is a common pollution of water in the city. Wastewater comes from drains or sewers in the form of human wastes, detergents, and soaps. This pollution is harmful to people and threatens public health and causes high biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).
Inorganic compounds are found in landfills, agricultural runoff, and industrial wastes. This is found in pesticides, cleaning solvents, industrial chemicals, and plastics. These pollutants contaminategroundwater and surface water. They threaten ourdrinking water supply. Some are suspected endocrine disrupter.
My plan for sustaining clean water in my community is to develop an education program about the sources and effects of the pollutants in water. There is a presentation day and time and the community will be invited.
Plan for Management and Sustainment of Water Pollution
        Document sources of water pollution.
      Document environmental and health effects of water pollution.
a. Develop a presentation about why the program is needed.
b. Explain dangers to health of pollutants in water.
c. Changes needed to lifestyle that will be required.
d. Benefits and challenges of change.
  New regulations and standards required for new departments.
      Jobs created for new departments.
      Attend the monthly board meeting and present...