Water Resource Plan

The video showed the water resource problem to be the decline of fish with the source which is
over fishing. Many of the larger species of fish such as swordfish and tuna are gearing towards extinction
with the issue of overfishing. Overfishing happens when the bigger fish are caught quicker than they can
reproduce. Some of the fish are captured before they are old enough to reproduce and keep the species
swimming around the ocean. There are people that own commercial businesses that involves the selling
of fish. Their main job is to go out fishing and catch mainly the bigger species of fish and sell them in the
market. The problem that is happening with that issue is that the demand for fish is increasing while the
supply of fish is slowly declining. Jeremy Jackson from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography says that
the problem can be reversed with the necessary steps. However, studies show that with this continued
pace, this could be a huge issue on the ocean and has become more damaging than ocean pollution. It’s
not only damaging the population of those species of fish but the animals that rely on those fish for food
and the number of households that incorporate fish into their meals are suffering as well.
There must be a sustainment plan to prevent the extinction of those fish that are most
demanded in the fishing world. So I have come up with a sustainment plan that will keep the
commercial fishers in business and the lives of the large fish that are caught in the population.
Action Items: One of the actions that the video stated was to narrow the area where people were
allowed to fish. Creating a time limit on fishing is another action item that may decline the process of
extinction in fish. It will give those fish that are being caught at a young age a time to reproduce. The last
action item that I would consider is charging fees or taxes. Fees are set in place to change behaviors.  
People would make a conscious effort...