Utilitarianism VS. Kantianism
Superheroes are guards of justice, they punish the criminals, and they keep city in peace. They are the watchmen watch over us and keep us safe by performing their justice. However, just because they are superheroes are their justice necessarily morally right? If not, then who will watch the watchmen? In the comic book “Watchmen”, each superhero represents a different moral system, they all have their own way to justify themselves. But the main debate is Utilitarianism VS. Kantianism portrayed by the characters Ozymandias and Rorschach.
Ozymandias, refers to as Adrian Veidt, he was born in a wealthy family. He is handsome, talented, and most intelligent person in the world. He is a typical utilitarianism. He believes all his actions well maximize the happiness for people, and all the ends will justify the means. In the comic book, Veidt is pondering how to save humanity. Eventually, he decides to use Dr. Manhattan's power to attack every major country on earth, therefore all the countries will be united against a mutual enemy. Millions are sacrificed to save billions. When Veidt explain his plan to Dr. Manhattan, he claims that “I save the earth from hell, next I’ll help her towards Utopia.”   If his plan didn’t process, then the US and he Soviet Union will have an endless nuclear war which will results in more than millions people died in the war. However, by sacrificing millions, cold war will end because countries are united against a common enemy. In Veidt’s world, there’s no evil and good, black and white. He eliminates every individual who against human’s greater good.
Rorschach is counterpoint to Ozymandias. He has a horrible childhood, his mother is a whore. He is unattractive, poor, and blunt. He sees all the dark sides of society, and he decides to become a law enforcer to punish every criminals. Rorschach is a Kantianism but also a Retributivism. He believes every criminals deserve punishment as long as they break the law....