Tyler Bates

Tyler Bates
Tyler Bates produces and composes music for films. Some of his influences are Zappa, Coltrane, Led Zeppelin, Kiss and U2. At age ten he started to play and record music, the limitation of equipment not stopping him do what he already loved doing. He would experiment new ways and improvise to get a good sound and a good end result.
Early in Bates career he formed the band Pet, who soon mad a record that became a platinum record. They toured with Blink 182, Limp Bizkit, and Social Distortion. The film that cemented Bates' career in scoring movies was director Stephen Kay's, The Last Time I Committed Suicide. Not only does he compose music for music but also video games. In 2009, with more than 40 films and 15 years experience scoring movies, Bates is at the forefront of innovation in film music.

Some of his works include:
- Dawn of the Dead
- Day of the Dead
- Halloween 1 and 2
- The Devils Rejects
- 300
- Watchmen
- Slither

The movie I have chosen is 300, which is directed by Zack Snyder. His work on Zack Snyder's battle epic 300 embodies expansive orchestral and choral themes that express a sweeping range of color and emotion with a heavy rock attitude. The scene I have chosen is the one at the very end of the movie just before the credits. The song in this scene is called Remember Us.
Section A
Structure: Section A is the introduction section. It has a distinct opening, a very quiet drum roll, long slow notes being played by cello, viola, violin and the voices which all go together in a unison, the clarinet plays the melody. A harmony is sung that goes along with the long slow notes.
Texture: Section A is homophonic there is chords with a melody played over the top. It has several groups, woodwind, brass, strings and voices playing in unison.
Tone Colour: The long slow notes with a slow melody played over the top gives it a mellow, somber and dense feel.
Expressive Techniques/Dynamics: In this section the notes are played...