Waste Heat Boiler Manufacturer in China

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Waste heat boiler suppliers in China

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler, IBR Boilers ( WHRB ) Manufacturer, waste heat boiler suppliers in China

We provide Waste Heat Recovery Boilers ( WHRB ) / Steam Generators on Natural Gas / Bio Gas /HFO /FO/ HSD based Engines/Turbines and Waste heat coming from different processes like GLASS Furnace exhaust, Melting Furnaces Exhaust, Cement Waste Gases. The Huge Power Cost Hike and increase of power demand in Industry segment we all has to take each and every chance to trap the waste heat and generate steam possibly for Combined Power Plant or for process steam application. The waste heat recovery project is viable only depending on the investment recovery period. ZG waste heat boiler suppliers are very well known this fact and are designing/manufacturing/supplying the systems which gets maximum possible monetary outputs and in minimum time frame. ZG offers Smoke Tube and Water tube waste heat Boilers for such applications. The Systems offering are totally customized turnkey solutions.

Waste heat boiler manufacturer
Our company, ZG is engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Hot Gas Fired WHR Single Pass Boiler. Their significant features include large heating surface area and suppleness, cladding, which minimizes heat losses and longer service life. We take into account the prevailing trends and parameters set by the industry and offer suitable range of hot gas fired WHR boilers.
WHR boiler Advantages:
Reduces as well as provides greater control over energy costs
Improved thermal efficiency: up to 80%
Reduced capital cost requirements and overall lower system operating cost
Provides increased protection of the environment and aids in conservation of natural Resources