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But also increases'the capacity of the lter Vnot uncommonly from .65 to 109%; due tothe peculiar'action of the flue' dust. Itis some'- A'times necessary, ,h oweven: to increase the moisture 'contentfrom 1 t'o' 2%, buit inyi'ew et' :the fact that .the capacity-of' the. lter -is so greatly increased,the` slight increase mobile crusher for sale.of waranging from those thatl willpass throu 'h gopmesh screeningon down tothe celloi al' materil. The colloidal material retards thel A filtrationV rate butis occulate'd Aby some' .chemical reagents whereby the' filtration rate .The re rate.

nts which cause fiocil tend 'to regulate the'hydrogen-i'on content of Theautdustwhictis essentially the 'Solid part of .cement slurry, which has been heated i l'to a point 'of' ca lcnation, has changed froml mentioned-above, giving a greater filtration I havealso foundthat the rate 3f-filtrationils urther increased by hea-ting thel slurry 'by 'introducing steam orhot Water coil .into mixing tank. 14 todecreasefthe viscosity ofjthe .slurry 'edto the filter', this .coil re- `ceivesh5t water from the economizerii a't- /tached to the .Waste heat boiler 46'adjacent the dust chamber 28.' --The circulation pump 47 is used to' insure a rapid exchangeor'- heat.

The slurry may, `l1owever be heated-inmany diiferent ways' fromV the. waste heat of 'thecement mill, as for examplei Steam may be 4takenlfrom the waste 'heat boiler 4G 'through the conduit 48 and introduced inte the'hot vivatertank' 12 to increase thetemperaturevof the slurrymixture and to in-l I troduce hot slurry into-the filter) .|`This heat visnot only conserved by its introduction to.

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