Something About Wheat Roller Mill Modern Equipments

Wheat roller mill machinery by Win Tone Machinery Manufacture Company are highly automatic, multifunctional, steadily and easily operated, low power consumed and highly efficient, increasing corn processing efficiency to a great extent. Modern corn processing machinery helps realization of high output. Modern agriculture is equipped with science and technology and managed with modern theory and methods. Its main characteristics are high yield, good quality and high efficiency. Science and technology helps realization of agricultural mechanization and scientific development.
The process used to produce white flour in a modern roller mill is referred to as a gradual reduction. The endosperm is gradually reduced in particle size by running it between a series of pairs of rotating hardened steel rollers, either corrugated or smooth, and is separated from the bran and germ by running it over sieves. Win Tone Machinery Manufacture Company produces corn processing machinery with science and technology. Win Tone Machinery Manufacture Company mainly produces WHEAT ROLLER MILL machinery, flour mill and coarse cereal processing machinery, integrated with research, development, design, manufacture, sale and service.
Effective and efficient processing of cereal grains and legumes is an ever increasing trend in rural Australia. Win Tone has continually developed its Hawk range of wheat roller mill to provide a quality solution for rural and commercial producers to rely on when it comes to processing grain. The renowned Hawk range of wheat roller mill enable fast and variable processing of all grain types including lupins, whilst ensuring excellent roll life with case hardened high carbon steel rolls. All pairs of rollers in a mill have one slow mill and one fast one. The rolls turn in opposite directions, toward each other, pulling the stock (material being ground) between them. The cut, depth, and spiral of the corrugation, together with the rotation differential, determine...