Was Kennedy Going to Withdraw from Vietnam War

Was Kennedy going to withdraw from the Vietnam War?

Kennedy was surrounded by an immense amount of pressure therefore he could not back out of the Vietnam War. He was influenced by his parents and his close friend Joseph McCarthy to be very anti – communist. Also Kennedy had criticized Eisenhower and Truman for not stopping the spread of communism.
However, regardless of the surroundings he was in, President Kennedy had planned to withdraw from the Vietnam War once he was re-elected in 1965. Due to Kennedy being one of the youngest presidents elected for America, he was under immense pressure as a lot of people thought that he could not deal with the pressure. This factor made Kennedy stick to the Vietnam War because if had withdrew from it then it would have made him look weak and incapable of running the country as a lot of people were for the Vietnam War – regardless of him not being a fan of it. Before Kennedy died, he was planning to withdraw America from the Vietnam War as he felt that the South Vietnamese did not really care about the cold war, democracy or freedom. Kennedy thought that the Vietnam War was a waste of money and time, therefore he was reluctant to send troops. This can also be shown from Kennedy sending the vice-president Lyndon B. Johnson to Vietnam to try and persuade Diem that one of the best ways to defeat communism was to introduce: greater political, social and economic equality to South Vietnam.   Also, Kennedy told one senator friend that he can’t get out of Vietnam until 1965 where he would get re-elected. I believe that Kennedy was planning to get out of the Vietnam War but only after he was re-elected as the decision to pull out the Vietnam War was unpopular at the time as everyone did not know the brutality of the Vietnam War, therefore it would not affect his popularity in the re-run of presidency. A conspiracy theory is that he was assassinated due to the fact that he was going to withdraw America from the Vietnam War....