Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War sons, brothers, and husbands were being taken away from their families, some returned wounded, and some did not return. The Vietnam War was a battle between society and government, before the beginning of Vietnam War society entrusted in their government to make the correct decision that all changed. Society thought the war was a pointless battle and the government’s outlook was to make a point that Americans would not back down, and issues needed to be resolved. The start of this war meant the start of the draft since 1942, which meant any man was eligible to deploy to the war, unless men enrolled into college. Many Americans found this to be unethical and unfair to the men who have families, as this time was the beginning of the Baby Boom era and worried many women they would never see their husbands again.
In light of the subject universities and the government allowed men to stay back and were not drafted if they attended college, but once these men finished college that would be the time they would have to go to war. Many students found this to be an opportunity to protest the war and protest the draft, against the universities, and their government they once trusted.   There was   many protest which that occurred but one of the biggest was at Kent State University, the protest which that happened at Kent State caused deaths, wounded students, and the closures of many other universities. The events that led to the Kent State shooting were the protestors of the war, mainly college students. Once Nixon became President he promised to end the war and instead Nixon expanded the war into Cambodia caused many college protests because of the draft.  
College students demonstrating there frustration with the Nixon administration by there protests and rallies, this was the beginning. Kent State students needed to there point a crossed, but there rallies and protesting were getting out of hand and when the National Coast Guard were called in...