Walmart and Customer Service

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Wal-Mart and Customer Service
Dixie B. Kodet
American InterContinental University

This paper goes over some of Wal-Mart’s history and also some of their customer service responsibilities along with a few recommendations of changes that they could make to improve customer happiness.   Making customer service the best it can possibly be is one of the missions that Sam Walton and his wife Helen saw as being one of the most important parts of their business.   When they started the Wal-Mart business, they set forth their visions and mission statements and Wal-Mart has tried to stick with those statements from the 1950’s to present.   With several other discount retail supply stores, Wal-Mart remains at the top because of their customer service and their ability to maintain the lowest prices possible.   Customer service is still their main number one priority as it should be.  

Wal-Mart and Customer Service
Wal-Mart is not my favorite store but it is a store that I go to a lot because you just cannot ignore their deals in store and online.   They offer many customers deals that cannot be found at other stores for better prices.   I do not completely agree with all of their store policies but as a whole, their policies are not bad.  
Sam Walton and his wife Helen owned many different variety stores during the 50’s and his theory of retail discount stores was started.   Most people think that Wal-Mart opened around the same time that Kmart and Target which was about 1962, but Sam Walton traveled extensively during the early 50’s and studied the discount retail industry.   He believed that the everyday consumer wanted a different type of store.   He trusted in his vision and he and his wife Helen started the first Wal-Mart in Rogers, AK.  
All of the discount stores such as Kmart expanded during the 60’.   There were only approximately 15 Wal-Mart stores started because Sam & Helen Walton financed Wal-Mart on their own in the...