Wall Mounted Jib Crane

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Wall Bracketed Jib Description:
The wall bracketed workstation jib crane is designed to have a tie rod supporting the end of the jib and fastened to the supporting structure at some pre-determined distance above the lower hinge which is also connected to the existing support structure. The advantage to the wall bracketed jib crane is its low cost.

Wall Mounted Jib Crane Features:
Low cost method of manipulating loads where lifting space can be limited to between 180 and 270 of rotation provided by a wall or column mounted jib crane and where repetitive lifts are not required.
Wall mounted jib cranes utilize existing structures for support which eliminates the need to increase floor obstructions by adding additional columns.
Costly foundations are not required.
Capacities are limited by the size of your existing walls or columns.
Lighter loads can be handled with enclosed rail systems while heavier capacities require structural steel beams.
One of the largest disadvantages to the use of wall mounted jib cranes is the high cost of engineering needed to determine if the building structure that they are going to be attached to will support them.

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