Visual Analysis

Audi Commercial Analysis
Most Americans know that the Super Bowl is the biggest football game of the season, but it is also a time for companies to promote their products through clever and usually funny commercials aired during prime time.   In Audi’s A8 commercial, the company persuades viewers that Audi is better than Mercedes, or other luxury cars, by using contrasts and alluding to the Christian philosophy of the Seven Deadly Sins and antiquated luxury.
The commercial begins with a tour of the many rooms of the house.   It begins with a view into the dining room during the night time where a lavishly decorated table is illuminated by candle lights.   The table is surrounded by burgundy vinyl chairs with lots of marble accents in the backdrop.   All of these elements are very classical definitions of luxury.   It is obvious that the house belongs to someone rich but the style reflects the past based off of the antiquated approaches to luxury; candles are used instead of light bulbs, and burgundy vinyl chairs are used instead of black leather.   The commercial says “goodnight [to] gluttony”, one of the seven deadly sins (Youtube).   Many Americans know what the Seven Deadly Sins are from the Christian religion and any Christian friends they might have.   Other Americans may even consider the Seven Deadly Sins common knowledge.   Viewers can assume that anything that proceeds this statement would be on the same level of wrong and is intended to be seen as inappropriate based on its juxtaposition.   The candles are blown out as the scene progresses to show an end to gluttony.   The idea of outdated luxury can be seen as the commercial progresses as a woman lays on a couch asleep.   Another of the seven deadly sins, sloth, is referenced here.   The narrator says “goodnight [to the] expected” (Youtube).   She is wearing a brown ruffle dress, long gloves extending past her elbow and a fur animal around her neck.   This type of outfit was popular among the wealthy in the mid...