Visual Analysis


1. The medium of the work is oil and canvas
2. Materials used include oil paint and a canvas
3. The work uses many different colors and shades, the painting is very abstract and there are no line patterns.
4. If I were to touch the painting it would not feel course but it is not completely smooth either.
5. There is no sense of different textures within the work.


1. The work is about 5 feet high and 4 feet wide.
2. The work is two dimensional.
3. The work is very abstract and some may find it disturbing. The size is key as it allows the artist to fit so many different pictures and portraits.
4. Proportion does not play a role in the effect of the work.


1. The work is hanging on the wall, there is so much going on in the work you must get a very close look, even standing right in front of it, you still may miss parts of the work.
2. The work should be viewed straight on.
3. The work should be viewed from a few feet away, but so experience all the details you should get as close a view as possible.
4. The work is very well lit, if it were not some of the details may be overlooked.

Formal elements

1. The work is very abstract and there are no distinctive lines that stand out to me.
B-I not applicable

Shape/ Spatial Attributes

a. There are many portraits in the work so ovals are used often, also portraits are put in squares and rectangles
b. Other than the squares and rectangles, many of the shapes are biomorphic
c. There is not very much negative space in the work, where there is the artist fills the space with clouds and other abstract designs.
d. The artist has not suggested a three dimensional space.


a. The elements do not interact; each specific portrait does not interact with the other.
b. The relationship does not convey unity of the forms
c. Many of the forms are clustered toward the bottom and middle, they are spaced at the top of the work.
d. The composition...