Vipeak Heavy Industry Series Crusher Accessories

Vipeak heavy industry to provide you with series crusher equipment accessories, stone crusher jaw crusher parts, fasteners, jaw plate, pressure block, sheave, flywheel, end cover, eccentric shaft, adjust the block, lining, hubei..Counterattack crusher accessories, retaliate broken plate hammer, broken plate, back plate, pressure, square steel, clamping blocks, side plate, double composite board hammer, protection block, square steel, bolt..Impact crusher (sand making machine) accessories, cast materials, eddy current on the cavity plate, back block, points cone, polite but, on the sealing cover, dirty but, impeller block, impeller mouth retainer, bearing cylinder assembly, hopper lining, the impeller
, discharge tube, spindle, guard board, the end cover, impeller, etc..
Crushing machinery industry in China in recent 10 years made rapid development, the engineering machinery industry production value of 2010 is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan.According to industry planning, by 2015, engineering machinery industry output value will exceed 900 billion yuan.In spite of this, the crushing machinery industry further development of our country is subject to key parts.At present, including cone crusher, 5 x sand making machine and other hydraulic parts, transmission system and so on key parts of most of these need to be imported from abroad, resulting in domestic crusher machine enterprise production cost is high, the lack of international competitiveness.Five-year period, the broken machinery industry will focus on solving the problem of key parts short board.For now, he says, is a best time in the field of investment and broken mechanical key parts.
As the technology matures, China's crusher enterprise increasing scientific research strength, independent innovation, break the technical barriers, to optimize enterprise structure combination, strengthen the capability and level of manufacturing complete sets of large equipment, improve the "mechatronics" advanced...