Hydraulic Crushing Machine, Henan Biggest Broken Stone Machine Manufacturers, Multi-Functional Cone

Hydraulic crushing machine is the inevitable product of technological innovation in the old spring cone crusher.And the application is relatively single single-cylinder cone crusher is developed for the cone crusher referred to as "multi-functional multi-cylinder cone break, mining machinery industry technology with each update for crushing machinery market in China has brought new development space, and constantly enrich mine quarrying the mechanical strength of the industry, has been expanding the area of the development of mining machinery equipment.
Past spring cone crusher principle mainly adopting the equipment moving cone fixed cone section, the material is being squeezed from moving cone, impact and bending effect, become the crushing cavity, where the moving cone deviating from the fixed cone, has been broken under the weight of material discharged from the bottom of the cone, become the discharge outlet, the material from the feed port loading.Machine with hydraulic coupling, small conical gear drives the eccentric circle at the bottom of the bevel gear, the eccentric sleeve rotation, the cone rotary swing and broken material.Practice shows that the hydraulic crushing machine than the old broken stone machine, more save cost and improve the production efficiency, the most important point is that the breaker belongs to the cone break, multi-functional graded control technology in its product is lead.
As henan biggest broken stone machine manufacturers - zhengzhou Vipeak heavy industry machinery co., LTD., the company high efficiency hydraulic cone crushing machine mainly WKS PYB cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher two models, because its can be from the standard super thick cavity to ultrafine short head type cavity any transformation, application is very flexible, can adapt to a wide range of product size requirement, can satisfy the needs of different production period, under the condition of feeding, can realize laminating crushing, to make the...