Vending Machines and Obesity

Vending Machines and child obesity
    This article was written to inform the masses about the review of nutrition in our schools. In this article the government is looking into the food that is sold in vending machines and how this affects childhood obesity. In schools now, food is accessible to the children that hold very little nutritional value for our children. (Wootan, 2010)
      The questions that are being   addressed are that of the need of these low-nutrition foods in our public school system to be gone. The government believes that more mandates are needed in order to provide quality food to the children who attend these schools. The information does not support the need for quality physical education, in so many words, yet the need for proper diet and exercise is addressed. This article states “It’s time the national school nutrition standards were updated to reflect current science and concerns about childhood obesity.”( Wootan, 2010).

    The group called Alliance for Nutrition and Activity, also known as NANA, are participants in this study. They are working closely with the United States department of health and human services to provide quality food sold in the vending machines. The methods are being used is to go to congress to mandate proper nutrition in our schools. The results were not stated as of yet. However making it mandatory in all states is the goal.( Wootan, 2010).
    It is apparent that the need for better nutrition is a concern for every parent and student. With proper nutrition one is able to have an active and healthy lifestyle. This article was informing the masses about the need for regulation in our children’s diet.

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