Childhood Obesity


Childhood Obesity
Rodney A. Neal
ENG 122
Dr. Shelley Lawyer
November 17, 2011

Childhood obesity has increased and been on the rise at a very alarming rate over the years. In today’s stats, nearly one in every five children is fighting the obesity epidemic and they are losing. The children are finding it very hard when there is junk food everywhere they look, being displayed at the grocery store shelves, and lit up by bright light on every corner in a vending machine. Then there are the brutal and never ending fast food restaurant advertisement campaigns on every television channel. But this is only just the beginning of the obesity epidemic. The lack of exercise and monitored eating is a very huge contributor to the source of childhood obesity. A lot of kids now days spend way too much time sitting on the couch in front of their XBOX 360’s and Playstation 3’s and not enough time outside running around or in a gym working up a sweat and working off the fat in their body.
Childhood obesity is not alone; it also brings issues that are life treating for the child. They will have to deal with co- morbidities like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, respiratory ailments, sleep apnea and depression. These are just a few of the common problems linked to childhood obesity. Others are increased likelihood of having elevated cholesterol raised

systolic blood pressure, experience of early menarche which links with future instances of breast cancer and increase risk of cardiovascular disease (Ruxton 2004), what a lot of people do not realize is that these are all large issues that are associated to childhood obesity.
Many people are confused and just do not know when their child should start digesting healthy foods. Well this should start at infancy with breast milk or the correct formula. You can really never go wrong with breast milk because it is the only source with the...