Values Potrayed in Popular Media

Values Portrayed In Popular Media
Heather Barker
ENG122: English Composition
Instructor: Fatima Lim-Wilson
September 3, 2012

  This research paper will be discussing the values in popular media, how the continued decline in the values of popular media will affect the society of tomorrow. Popular media will create panic, chaos, and societal divisions. There will be consequences to face with this decline. The research will show how popular media can have a demonstrable effect on people‚Äôs behavior. Popular media will show that it has the power to control outcomes in society whether social, political, or religious.
  The popular media of the future will need a more positive voice and a people with the ability to stand up and create a movement in the right direction. This change will be necessary to reshape the minds of the youth. If people once again think for themselves they will need to break the cycle of what they will see and hear in the media they continue to be surrounded by.
  It will be important for people to stand up and make the changes so that society will not have further break down, but more of a build- up and unification. If there is to be a shift in the values of popular media it may be able to show people how to work together and value one another with- out putting up all the boundaries the media has created. If there is not a shift in the values of popular media   there will continue to be more violence and hate growing between economic classes, political parties, and religious entities. Society will not be able to support the down fall much longer.
  To research this topic the sources will mostly be from educational sites, published research journals, and scholarly papers. The sources will be searched for using the Ashford Library. Searching within the Ashford Library will provide safe and easily citable sources.
  In doing the research one should be able to come away with the credible findings that there really is a decline in the...