Values and Ethics

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Values and Ethics go hand in hand. It is important to set high standards for yourself and your employees. Every company wants to ensure its success and in order to do so they must hire people with high moral values and Ethics. If we as individuals set our values and ethics high in life we will achieve our goals. In the next few paragraphs we will break down the meaning of Value and Ethics and explain the relationship among professional values, ethics and career success.

      Professional Ethics are commonly known as moral principles or rules of conduct that each person must use in the business world. The professional values and ethics made by each company and its employees can often times have a global impact on the success of the company as well as the employee. (Citation). The business world is very detail orientated and follows certain aspects that an employee must acknowledge. In the workplace managers and supervisors should set the standard for using ethics by showing respect, being honest, and promoting trust.(Citation). The management has control over the form of communication used, and if the communication is unethical or comes from a source that doesn’t conform to the company’s ethics and values this may compromise the ability of the...