Values and Ethics

Professional Values and Ethics
Mark A. Ramirez
February 26, 2010
Christopher Page
In the United States, where society is a melting pot, often time’s values and ethics of individuals are over-looked. From the janitor to the Company Chief Executive Officer, individuals must strive to go above and beyond to succeed in their chosen profession. To achieve this success, values must balance with ethics. To become a professional success story in any career these must be put into practice. Values and ethics are at the core in any productive society.
Values are beliefs important to or valued by an individual or someone. Some examples of values are integrity, selfless service, professionalism, honesty, duty, commitment, teamwork, and loyalty. These values are important to one’s personal beliefs and society ideals and customs. When these values are at the center of daily living success will be achieved. The lacks of values will breakdown any society or organization.
The definition of ethics according to Webster dictionary is “A system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct.” In determining and deciding what is right and what is wrong is creates an ethical dilemma. Ethical behavior is behavior that is appropriate. It founded on the principle of morals. Ethical behavior is the right way to behave. It is consistent with a structure system of principles that governs a group or self. Some key examples of ethics are accountability, confidentiality, integrity, honesty. The practice of ethical behavior brings forth success and a productive environment in the workplace.
We can find sources of professional values and ethics in government laws and regulations, state licensing boards, and trade associations; however it all starts with a proper upbringing; therefore parents will have the greatest influence on how children behave and become a productive citizen. Teachers, neighbors,...